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“To be a world-class enabler of excellence in sport”


“To develop, promote and protect the Olympic and Commonwealth Movement in Botswana”

Our Values



~humility in everything we do



~we give 100% in all our operations and activities



~we stick to our strong moral principles


Diversity & Inclusion

~all are welcome

About the BNOC

Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) was established in 1978, and started participating in the Summer Olympic Games in 1980, in Moscow Russia. BNOC is not only responsible for facilitating the participation of Team Botswana to Olympic Games, but it is the body in charge of Commonwealth Games for Botswana, thus BNOC is also Commonwealth Games Botswana. Team Botswana first participated at the Commonwealth Games in 1974.

Over the years the quality of performance at Olympic Games and at Commonwealth Games has improved exceptionally, in 2000, Glody Dube became the first Motswana to make it into the finals of any competition at Olympic Games, followed by the 4x4 relay Team making it into the final in 2004, in 2008 Amantle Montsho also made it to the women’s 400m final. In 2012, Botswana won her first Olympic medal, a Silver medal by Nijel Amos.

At Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Youth Games however, Botswana has a total of eleven (11), from the first medal (bronze) won by Barb Anderson of bowling in 1986, one (1) Olympic medal by Nijel Amos and a total of 5 Youth medals.

BNOC strives to promote excellence in Elite sport through simultaneous support of athletes, administrators, coaches and sport support services through programmes supported mainly through Olympic Solidarity funding.

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