1. Executive Department:
    Responsible for setting a clear strategic direction for the promotion and development of elite sport in Botswana, overseeing the preparation and delivery of Team Botswana at all multi-sport international games including the Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships and building internal capability to deliver on the mandate of the BNOC.
  2. Sport Development and Team Services Department: 
    Responsible for assisting in the administration and delivery of high performance sport initiatives with special emphasis on Major Games, coach and athlete development as well as sports technology and sports science support, in line with the LTAD Frameworks, BNOC Strategic Plan and mandate.
  3. Member Support Services Department: 
    Responsible for leading in developing member support strategies/programmes that are aligned with organisational strategies and initiatives and that enhance LOC and Member governance, management and compliance.
  4.  Communications and Marketing Department: 
    Responsible for providing administrative and liaison services in the implementation of the BNOC marketing and branding, communication and stakeholder relationship management programmes, projects and activities that increase awareness of Botswana as a leading elite sporting nation.
  5. Corporate Services Department: 
    Responsible for providing strategic and effective Information Communication Technology, Finance and Administration strategies, policies and programmes for the organisation.
  6. Human Resources Department: 
    Responsible for ensuring efficient preparation of detailed HR and talent management strategies, plans, policies and procedures that support the BNOC’s strategic intent; including recruitment, on-boarding, performance management, training and development, reward and remuneration, employee relations and wellness.
BNOC Structure
BNOC Structure